How to reply to "message me when you're alone "?

agh. I'm horrible at expressing myself sexually. and anytime I try to be sexy and flirt I make a fool out of myself.

In the past he's said this with a winky face, but when I messaged him I talked normal lol not flirty at all. and that bummed him out a bit. I just don't know how?

and today I said text me when you're alone -no wink- and he asked why and I said because you're with people lol and he said "oh lolI was thinking wrong."

how can I reply to this in a flirty way that isn't won't come off too strong and freak him out lol? and how can I fix this flirting this :( I want to feel sexy with him. and I want to flirt with him and stuff when he says that, but I just never know how to so I don't


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  • Lol you defi suck at it. You could have sent him a simple wink "😉" and be done with it

    • lol but then he'd message me later and I wouldn't know what to do. is there anyway I can bounce back from when he said he was thinking wrong?

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    • You can throw humour in there. It didn't necessarily have to be straight out kinky

    • Doesn't*

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