Ladies 18-early 20's range, could you be attracted to a guy your age with a shaved head or is it a turn off?

I'm a 19 year old guy who about a year and a half ago had a close family death and that combined with the stress of graduating got a severe case of TE, (a hair condition where hair diffusely thins, no bald spots but still over half thinned) normally this corrects itself but in my case it became permanent so I opted to shave my head to the skin. Truth be told I personally like it, low maintenance, no hat hair etc. and I wouldn't give two shits if I knew I could still attract a girl I find attractive, I'm just going to honestly say looks are a factor and a doorway to something more to me, and I'm not a hypocrite so I know looks will matter to the ladies as well. And truthfully one of my biggest goals was to be married in my twenties to a woman I was very attracted to body and mind, sounds corny but it means a lot to me. So that's the question, have or could you be attracted to a guy who shaves his head this young? Or does this put me at a severe disadvantage compared to all the guys with hair and screw over that goal of mine? Would you give a guy who shaved time of day if you just met him or not etc.. I appreciate, and respect honesty here people. Some details to factor in are that I never let it get to me, I dont hide under a hat or anything, I'm 5'10 and a lot of people say it looks good on me and new people I met looked back at pictures and say they prefer this on me.

  • Shaved head can be attractive or isn't really an issue
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  • Couldn't get past it, would put you at a large disadvantage
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  • First off, you seem like an awesome dude. Hair is hair and people shouldn't base whether they like you or not by it. I once had a crush on someone who shaved their had to the skin and I still thought he was attractive. If they're too busy judging you on your hair they aren't worth your time :)


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  • I have no problems with it and as long as you have a nicely shaped head it can be quite attractive. A lot of the guys I train with have their heads shaved both for the low maintenance and to simply keep it out of the way, so it's a look I'm used to seeing on guys of all ages.

  • Shaved head or not, it doesn't really matter. Any girl that is really into you won't mind either. It's all about the personality and no so much what a person looks like. I know I can't speak for everyone else but this is how I feel. But again, everyone has their own opinions!


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  • From like age 22 to early 30's, i had a buzz to like 1/4"

    It's sort of less in style now then then i think. I've grown mine out.

    Anyway, some girls like it, some don't, but even ones who weren't as keen would still reach out and touch my head when it was freshly done.

    • No trouble dating though? I know some would be preferenced one way or another but all I need is one who I find attractive to like it, but if you go on any online forum about a lot of guys say you can attract girls but not the desirable ones, any thoughts on that?

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    • My cousin had a severely receding hairline and bald spot by early 20's. He used to buzz his very short, like clippers with no guard (which I've done too) though often a little longer.

      IMHO he looked best (and perhaps you would) short enough to see skin through the hair, but you don't need to be stubble free. The receding hairline when it's that short isn't actually bad.

    • The hairline is fine, what happened is the entire topical area of my scalp lost 70% of hair diffusely spread out due to the condition, from front to back you can see skin through very thin hair.