How do you know if they're only after the relationship part?

How do you know if a guy/girl only is with you because they ONLY want a relationship at that moment and don't really care who with? What are things to look out for?


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  • who cares if they want a relationship and dont care who with... i dont think love exists... i think its a matter of attraction between individuals and if its there the relationship lasts... i see no reason not to give em a chance and see how things go...


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  • good question, i tried doing that once. having a relation ship just to have one and with no matter who with. but i failed and didn't happen.

    • how did it fail?

    • i didn't get in a relationship when i was feeling like that, and ended up hooking up with a girl i fell for and is now my ex.

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  • I kind of think this might have been the case with my ex... He did romantic gestures but didn't consider my personality when he did it.

    Also there will be a lot of bragging like the second something happens it's on Facebook or all their friends know. Also just general showing off to the point it passes regular pda.

    They will also have set ideas of what should be done when and what should be given when and etc.

    • you mean set ideas and going through with them without discussing it with you?

    • They may say it they may not... It's kind of like thinking how a relationship should be without considering the personality of the people involve. Also thinking without considering the other person involved how they should act etc.

      My ex he was spontaneous but expected neither of us to voice complaints about the other and that we should totally accept the other... He didn't say all of that but he did say some of it but the rest is what I gathered looking back on it. He also planned on giving generic girly gifts (I'm not girly) like a rose and a dozen roses (liked those) and planned on giving me jewelry (I rarely wear jewelry) and something else girly I forget.