What are some cute things I can do for him on a date or in bed in general to make him fall for me more?

Cute things/ sexy things to make him fall for me more? Also to make him happy.. some unexpected things too?


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  • women just dont seem to pay attention to anything but the lips or dick... thighs arms stomach are all good places to touch lick kiss and suck lol

    as for on dates just be happy and interested in him... confidence is important cause it makes us want u more... but attention is what guys want... if you give attention hell want you... though i dont recommend living for each other... 24/7 with someone blows a relationship fast

    • what kind of attention? specific examples, it doesn't always have to be sexual

    • heavens no... attention in general... look at him not your phone... the people around you world events even the end of the world dont matter... being the focus of a beautiful woman is every guys want

      if he comments on his interests ask questions even if you dont understand... interest is a turnon

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  • Though i can't think of anything specific, you just need to whatever you feel without holding back. I think i would just ASK him what he wants in bed, this way you'll please him to perfection.

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