Girlfriend is super busy with classes... or is she avoiding me?

We've been dating for almost 6 months. My gf just started university classes a few weeks ago and she's been cold all of a sudden. Normally we'd text a lot, but now she only texts in short responses and it seems like she's been avoiding me. Now I need to initiate the text to get anything from her. I know she is extremely busy with exams and papers, but she'd usually make some time to text. I know that I'm also being super insecure about this, but I'm also worried that I'm losing her.
I've stopped texting her this past couple days. Thoughts?

note: she still has time to hang out with her best friend :(


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  • Does she live far away/live on campus? If so then I say trust your gut on this one, as the "has time to hang out with her best friend" seems like a major red flag.

    But if she's going to a local university, is taking online courses, or lives close to you, then you're probably overreacting. College takes a LOT out of you mentally, and it can get pretty emotionally draining as well. Kudos to you for being understanding, but personally I think you two should talk about the lack of communication from her side.

    I got like that too when my classes got really demanding, I didn't even recognize that I was neglecting my relationship until he told me that I was. We worked things out, but really I think that's all you two need. Just talk things out instead of playing games.

    • Yeah she lives close to me. Sounds like a good idea to talk to her. Just not sure how to bring it up.

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    • :(
      Maybe try "are you feeling okay?"

    • maybe i can try that...

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  • Dude... University can be really hardcore... Give her some timeee.

  • I guess you've done the right thing to stop texting her for a bit. Then see what goes from there..


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  • Yeah, there's warning signs. The most concerning part is how she makes time for her friend. Stop texting and let her come to you. If she wants to be with you, she will come to you. If you keep pressing, you'll push her away. It's a classic damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. Just do your own thing and don't stress. Women aren't worth it and there's always more.

  • Is anyone really too busy to type a couple of words into a text message?

    Although, if you're texting her all day, then I can understand.

    • we talked a lot over the winter break (she was away at home) but that died down once classes started

    • Well, there you go. She could be as busy as she claims; only time will tell, I guess.

      I think in situations like these, trusting your gut is a good bet.

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