Boyfriend did not contact me for two days. Should I call?

Guys he did not call or text me for two days since. Im back in my hometown and i dont know whats ul with him. Is he avoiding me or should i call? Been dating for few months

Okay. I called and he did not pick up. What should i do now?


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  • Obviously something is up, i'd send him a text somewhere along the lines of:

    "hi, i've been trying to contact you and you havn't responded so innately i am going to think something's up. Out of respect for me, if there is something wrong, you need to communicate this to me sooner than later. thanks."

    • I tried calling him, didn't pick up, so i should probably text him that? Thanks a lot

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  • Noooo my boyfriend did this too sometimes. He is probably just busy. Sent him a sweet text saying you miss him instead of being paranoid. Dont push him away with that.

    • Well two days and he can't make an effort to even check in or say hi? What if he doesn't text me back

    • I know. Its hard but boys do that sometimes. Most of the time they dont even realize that they are doing it. Just send him a aweet message believe me, stalking him or questioning him pushes him away. Show him that it doesn't bother you. Get yourself busy in the mean time. It will be allright eventually :) not every guy is into texting.