Ex wants to go on trip together as friends?

Long story short:

My ex and I were in long distance relationship. She was suppose to visit this Christmas from florida but she said she didn't feel comfortable coming considering she didn't feel the same for me.

I broke off communication with her because she kept hitting me up prior to it and giving me mixed signals. I would ask her if her feelings changed and she would say no.

So I told her never to talk to me again and she got mad at me and told me that she's done with me and it's better off that way.

one month later I hit her up and she was very welcoming. She then started mentionining how she wants to travel to Cali and check it out.

Two days later i asked her if she wants to go. She said yes. I told her lets go for two weeks and she said how about three? I obviously agreed.

THEN She said to me this morning that she wants to go as friends. WTf! I think she knows deep down that I still like her. Why would she want to go as friends?


I told her I was feeling the same too (lie).

She also mentions how she has been working out more. I don't know it looks like she's giving me signs she likes me and then signs she doesn't. smh


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  • Well honestly I don't think it's a smart idea at all to go with a past lover. But she means she really just wants to enjoy the trip she doesn't want to feel like she owes you anything sexually or romantically because maybe she's just not feeling the same way. Don't go if you are going to expect more out of this.

    • it's so hard to not go tho. A part of me wants to take the risk because i have no other way of ever seeing her. I wish she would have never bought that up. I'm a prisioner of hope i guess smh

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    • she's paying her own part

    • Okay well good. just be careful if you're actually going through with it. My opinion-bad idea. But good luck

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  • how could she possibly know you still like her if you lied to her about it?

    • I don't know I just feel like she knows I still like her. She wouldn't mention that if she thought that. .

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    • well its hard to judge since I know so little. you know better. If she does know you like her and wants to go on a trip as friends only (not 2 but 3 weeks), she is being very selfish and inconsiderate, like a player. but maybe she doesn't maybe she genuinly wants to be friends, you can find that out by going on this trip to see how she acts. its always easier to tell in person, in 3 weeks you'd know for sure. maybe she's the insecure one, she wants more and she thinks you only want to be her friend, you did break up with her. so in three weeks of time together anything could happen. Especially with exes. But if, IF she knows that you have feelings for her and wants to spend all this time as a 'friend' she's the opposite of friend, selfish and do not let her play with you. if she's just shy and hopes to reciprocate then good for you, try to work it out

    • IT's simple. If she doesn't feel the same I am NOT going to stay for three weeks and leaving early. I just want some closure. Boy this sucks lol

  • go as friends? and do what? pillow fight at night? bs bs


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