First Date with girl, help?

On Friday I go out with girl I've met. Woho! But now I don't know should we go to restaurant to eat + drink?

Should I bring flowers when I'll met her. Or is this too much?

Any tips would be helpful.


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  • Here's what you should do. Get to know your type of restraunts and entertainment businesses in the area you live in, and know your budget and what you can afford. Categorize each restraunt as fancy, in between, or low priced but still good and fun to eat at. Classify the fun stuff similarly: like fun but fancy, fun and a mix, or just downright fun and casual as hell. Then you wear a nice, pressed pair of jeans and a button up shirt, also pressed and clean. Wear some dress shoes or sneakers if they're clean and nice. Comb your hair, brush your teeth, freshen your breath, and wear a good strong deodorant or some light deodorant plus some cologne, but not too much or it'll be overbearing. Tell or ask her when you will pick her up (unless you already have that set) and also tell her to dress up in whatever she feels like wearing. Now here's the key: PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: Pay CLOSE attention to what she's wearing. If it's something like a dress and high heels, she wants fancy dining and a slow, easy fun place to go, like a slow dance place or a place to have some drinks and just chill, etc. If she's wearing something like a short skirt and a nice t-shirt she probably wants it nice but not too fancy and go with the in-between restaraunts and maybe something a little bit active but not too much... and of course if she's wearing just jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers she probably wants to eat at a burger joint or similar and then party hard afterwards like fast paced dancing, bowling, golf cart racing, etc. The key here is to pay attention to her, which is what dating is all about. You probably won't be able to keep your eyes off of her anyway, but LISTEN to what she's saying and wants even if she isn't directly saying it. If you do this, if you pour your heart and soul into it so its all about her, I promise she will be MORE likely to go out with you again and stick with you. Good luck my friend! Don't forget how lucky you are to have a chance with a girl and don't waste it!

    • Oh and definitely bring the flowers! Try and find out what her favorite color is, so you can choose accordingly, and bring them to her door! She won't want to have them in the car to hold the whole time!

    • Nice tips! Thanks, but now is winter probably she won't be in short skirt ;) ... I don't know which restaurant to take, because I am going to her town + I don't have a car, I am only 18... But she'll come with train or bus.

    • Well if you have access to the internet then you can still look up some of the restraunts in the town you're going to be in. Also, if you cannot judge where to go because she doesn't give you enough of a clue by the way she dresses since its winter, which if you think about she still may, then go with your gut instinct and based off of what you know about her (I don't know how well you are acquainted). The important thing is, that if you want to make a lasting impression and improve your odds some, then you need to do at least a little work and some research; but don't let it go to your head so much that you are nervous and worry a ton, she'll see it and think you don't feel comfortable with her. Really, something nice and fun/comfortable will do the trick. Note: If you don't know the restaraunts where you're going then you're going to have to look them up anyway, right? You don't wanna have told her it's a secret and then be left with no answer, right? That wouldn't look good.

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  • You guys can go to the movies for a first day.. It's really up to you.


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  • I think it'd be a bit much. First dates are casual. Just get to know her a little bit more before.

    • She asked me where we will go... and I say secret. Is that okay, I don't want to tell her, I want to find great place. I think first we will go to some kind of restaurant to eat + drink then for a little walk. Is this okay?

    • Depends on the girl. Don't go to some fancy restaurant, and spend big bucks. Again, first date is just seeing if you're compatible with each other.

    • Thanks, yeah I won't go on something fancy. But I want to go somewhere where would be special... Do you have any good tips?