I like my friend's bro, what should I say?

Hi, I like my girl friend's bro (25yrs). I am pretty sure he is single. I developed a crush on him about 2 years ago when I first met him. At that time I was living overseas. Since 5 months ago, we live in the same city. I want to tell my friend I like her bro, but not sure what to say about how long I've liked him :( she may be upset I didn't tell her earlier, I am so confused... What do you think? Please help!


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  • why would she be upset? if there is someone who can help you, it is her.

    • Thanks! Well she may be upset because I like her bro, and also she may be upset I didn't tell her earlier, I don't know she may think I was only friends with her cause of that, yet I haven't, I've known her before him. I am think maybe saying I've only liked him like since recently... but I don't want to lie.

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    • We are really good friends, her parents know my mum.. that's how we met. So I don't know how to say what I feel towards her bro:( I really like him and he is always nice to me, my feelings just keep getting stronger.

    • well, i don't know her.. but in my opinion you should tell her.
      If she is really your friend, she will do all she can to help you :)

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