Do we have potential for something more serious in the future?

We hit it off great. We went on a few dates. He asked me out and was persistent. He told me he had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. We have a lot in common and there's a lot of attraction. But this was when I was home for Christmas break. I now went back to school and we are about 3 hours a part. I really want to get to know him more because I did start to like him, but I feel the distance factor is problem. We haven't really talked much and every time we have since I've been back at school it's been me reaching out to him first. I feel because of the distance he's not really trying. What can I do? Would we be able to have something in the future?

Should I continue trying?


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  • Me and a girlfriend lived only 20 mins away and we never got to see each other. We ended up not communicating well and fought over the phone ALL the time. We broke up with lingering feelings and it was all a big mess. plus Travel is expensive. I say ask him if its worth it to keep trying and if he says yes then work at it.


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