Girls, how should a stranger ask you out?

How should he approach you? What should he tell you? How should he ask you?


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  • Buy me some food and then ask me out.

    • The key to your heart is food?

    • If he doesn't take care of me why should I care about him?

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  • Some guys that would approach me would ask me " want to go out?" Bluntly, which I don't like since I don't know them. So I like it when a guy genuinely shows that he wants to get to know me.

  • Just ask. Nothing really to it.

  • Like is this someone from off the street? Are we at a local place? A co-worker? What are we talking about here?

    • Like off the street or in a bar for example

    • You could try making an interesting or witty remark and start from there. Or start by asking her a question, maybe one you already know the answer to... just something to get things flowing. Then ask her something personal if you get into the conversation. Here's the important part, it's great to find things you have in common but no one likes a guy who is too agreeable. Maybe share your disinterest in something she likes. It sounds like a turn off but to her it looks like you actually have an opinion. Then, just go from there. Say something like "this was nice, we should catch up again later sometime". Get her number and boom, done.

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