Can guys just loose interest? What are some reasons?

We hit it off great! When on few dates, have a lot in common and lots of attraction. But this was when I was at home. I'm back at school now (So we are far away, 3 hours) but graduate in 2 months. I wonder if the distance is making him not pursue me, because I don't see another reason why he wouldn't pursue me since we have a great time together. Does this mean he could have lost interest? Every since I returned to school we haven't talked much and when we d its me reaching out. It was going so well in the begining and he was really persistent, what happend?


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  • So when he's pursuing it's going well and when you're pursuing it's not going well? Hmm interesting.

    Maybe he just wasn't as interested as you seem to think he was

    • Its going good when I try to but I just wonder why it flipped all of a sudden?

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    • I feel I'm putting in all the effort

    • By the why you described your question it seemed like he was putting in all the effort, hence my original comment

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  • If I get the feeling she isn't into me, I eventually distance myself

    • What kinds of things would make you feel she's not into you? I think I do sometimes push people away so I hope he's not feeling I'm not into him because I am lol Any suggestions as to how I can show him I care? I'm coming home next weekend so I was thinking to ask him to hangout and maybe make him dinner take some control? would he like that?

    • Yes prove to him YOU want HIM. make it clear.

  • It happens in the same way you get bored of a piece of clothing or pair of shoes that were once your favorite.


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