Is this (divorcing) man interested in me or what?

I have been working with this male client quite intensely. We have become quite close and connected emotionally and intellectually. I think he has been flirting with me lately but I'm not sure. He asked me out once but I said it would be unethical and unprofessional of me, I can only be his friend but can't even meet him privately during his clientship/divorce.

Anyway, he was married and I have no interest in going after taken guys. But their marriage hasn't been working for a while. Now he said he's filing in the divorce papers and as soon as everything is settled between him and his soon-to-be-ex wife, he wants to end the professional relationship with me and "nothing will stop us" referring to my position and job…

Does it sound that he is interested in me like romantically/more-than-friends kind of level? :) I like him a lot!


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  • He's interested.

    But be wary: if he'll leave her for you, what says he won't leave you for the next one to come along?

    • Okay. Their marriage was very troubled already before he even met me… I know the reasons and although there are faults in both parties, his wife's behavior and actions are so bad I think ending the relationship is best for both of them.

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    • Charming, then. I wonder if that's how he was with his wife in the beginning.

      You know the situation better than anyone here. I'd just recommend you proceed with caution and use your best judgment.

    • Yes I will :) Thank you so much for your advice!

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  • hell yeah he's interested
    you have to ask questions about yourself though, like why did his marriage end?
    i really hope he didn't bring up his wife with you thats already a bad sign

    • Okay thanks :) I'm a bit confused because I have needed to stay so professional so I haven't been able to show him that I might be interested in him as well… I know his wife, too! I know why their marriage is falling apart and honestly, knowing the wife, I don't blame him. I think it's best for him to leave her (obviously I haven't suggest anything like that).

    • just dont get to attached yet , when my mom and dad got divorced he had like 6 girlfriends lol!
      i had 6 extra moms growing up, be careful

    • Haha okay :D I understand… I'm trying to be cool. And because of my position I can't get involved with him on any sexual/physical level for a long time and he knows that, I have made it very clear… It sounds to me like he's willing to wait?

  • Uhhh... ya


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