How long should it take for things to get back to good again?

My bf and I our trying to change to make our relationship better. We have had this talk many of times and he says he will change but I need to as well. We talked about it Monday night n I said it really needs to change this time. I know it's only been about a day. But still doesn't seem like much is happening cuz I went to go cuddle with him and he said can u please get off of me. Which one thing is the sex and cuddling has decreased for the past 5 or so months. I moved in with him basically when we started dating. Our one year Anniversary was in August. He told me about a week ago when he was kinda drunk that he didn't want to be with me. But then the next day he said he wanted to and I asked why he said he wanted to be single and he said cuz I just really pissed him off. I have trust issues so I have accused him of cheating n lying but I have no proof. He sometimes doesn't treat me the best but he says it's cuz I fight with him all the time n don't trust him. He has said he would be happier with me if I change that n stop fighting n start trusting. How long should it take for things to get back to good? Another question is it he isn't that happy with me anymore why is he still with me?


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  • When both of you are over it