I like a girl that's into tattoo's but I don't have any myself any thoughs?

I guess the saying opposites attract often holds true , I meet this girl at a bar a couple months back. I didn't really know a lot about her but added her to Twitter soon after and we've talked a couple times at bar. anyways I noticed she had got this tattoo on her hips but saw her posts and other pictures and started to realise she was really into tattoo's and had a couple others I hadn't seen yet and plans on getting more. I realise its fairly common for younger women to have tattoo's these days but she seems to not be say girl who got tattoo at college just cause gf got one type but more person who is really into tattoo's and like addicted to them. and I generally find tattoo's on women appealing as long is there in good taste and right location.

it worries me cause I don't have any and wonder if she'd be turned off when she finds out but doubt she'd suspect I had any as I don't look like type. then worry if we were to date she'll like try and get me inked at some point which might be cool or might be just a bad idea?


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  • 1). Ask her out if you like her! 2). Do not get any tattoos while you are drunk. 3). If she is truly into you, she won't care whether or not you have any tattoos, nor whether you plan to get any in the future.


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