Crushing on my professor?

I've been crushing on my professor for more than a year now. I don't know why, but I can't forget about him. I've tried to stay away from him and any places where he might be so that I don't run into him, and it's been over a year since I last saw him, but my feelings for him are stronger than ever.
What do I do?
I've started seeing him around at school again since he teaches in the same building where I have classes. He is married and has children (around my age) and I just don't know what to do or how to forget about him!


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  • Are you the same girl who posted this question:

    If it wasn't you, then read how I responded to her.

    If it was you, then you're being delusional girl. I'm gonna sound like the biggest bitch, but fuck it, this is for your own good.
    If he does respond to your affection, he's only gonna use you. Do you seriously think he's gonna be willing to risk everything with his and kids to be with some easy girl that was probably just young pussy to him anyways? No. He's not. If you don't mind doing a slutty thing and fucking a married man, fine. Go disrespect yourself and his wife and kids.
    But when he dumps your ass or she comes at you, just remember it's your fucking fault for going for him.

    Why oh why are some girls so fucking stupid? Of all the dick in the world, you choose one that's married.

    • No, that wasn't me.
      However, I did read the answer you gave the other girl, but it didn't address my question. It would behoove you to read the question thoroughly before assuming that one answer will solve two different questions.

      Also, I don't particularly appreciate you calling me stupid. I did not choose to be attracted to this man. I have made attempts to forget about him and stay as far away from him as possible, but to no avail. So it's unfair and rather unkind for you to say "why are some girls so fucking stupid?" Believe me, if I had the choice, I would dispel all of these feelings in a second, but unfortunately neither the mind nor heart operate that way.

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    • Lol sorry about that.

      Thanks for MHO :)

      You'll forget him though. Crushes seem to last forever, and I've felt that I would crush someone forever and nope. In time, I forget and get over them.

    • Yeah, that's how I feel (that I'm going to crush on him for eternity).
      And you're welcome. I didn't like everything you said, but it was helpful (strangely) and made sense! :)

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  • you need to express yourself too him, even he rejects you at least you can get those feelings off your chest
    try to visit him on his office hours!
    or let time fade it away

    • Express myself to him? Wouldn't that just make things worse? (I don't know…)

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    • no problem good luck its a really rough spot, love ignores the mind and all rational, its rare when they fall in line...
      maybe a new person will step into yourself and you will forget all about Mr. Professor
      good luck

    • Thanks! :)

  • Oh just let it run it's course.

    • That's what I've been trying to do - for more than a year - but my feelings have never shown any sign of dissipating. :|

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    • I get what you're saying, though, and what you said makes sense.

    • No it doesn't. I was wrong. Bad guess.

  • If you decide to go for it then inform Brazzers and you'll make some money!

    • Why would you say that?

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    • No, it is not the worst thing in my life, and I don't recall having said so. It is, however, an issue that I happen to be experiencing at the moment, and while it is not the worst, ideally I would like it if I did not exist it at all.

    • Then you need to prioritize.

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  • Married with children? Yes that's really weird that you are even muddling over this in your mind! I hope you have grown wiser!