There are multiple gis I might be interested in. How do I choose?

I would like to wait to see if any show interest in me but I probably won't notice entitled the signs anyway. How do I choose? Is it wrong to talk to them all and decide later or do I need to pick one to pursue first then go for the next. I've never dated and am wondering if getting to know multiple people is wrong. I would start as friends with all then slow build a relationship.


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  • That's wrong. Find the one that you're interested in.

    • I find more than one interesting. Each in different ways. Should I wait to see which might might like me mutually.

    • Yes.

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  • The Girl Of The World, You See Someone Gotta Lose
    I Thought I Can Have It All, Do I Really Gotta Choose

  • Pull straws. Also don't date multiple people at once.