How would you feel about a guy who did all these things? would you want to give him another chance?

went out with a guy who says he's an appliance installer and makes a lot of money; a few things he said were mostly what he wanted. he was very focused on himself, not really getting to know me as a person. it started off badly, too soon after a break up. i had stated multiple times i wanted a break. after i decided to break up, he wanted to be friends. i turned it down. he even went as far as to block my phone. and i blocked him on Facebook. his issues were he talked a lot about his past relationships, dissed a few people he dated, didn't take care of his own health, drank a lot, had some sketchy friends, had a lot of things handed to him, didn't spend a lot of time going slow, and commented on sex a lot and wanted me to go on the pill within weeks. i didn't appreciate it because it meant more to me than it did to him. i felt like he even violated me emotionally in a way, taking advantage of the fact i didn't have a stable home environment; i was unable to make clear decisions. if my mind was clear, i would not have dated him at that point in my life. he even dissed me for not having a vehicle. sadly it didn't work out but after he had sex with me, it just seemed that it's all he ever wanted. he dind't know i was into art or that i loved poetry. it felt like he didn't know anything about me except that i work hard. i dont know if he really meant it when he said he won't be trying to be in a relationship for awhile because he knew he messed up saying some hurtful things. it isn't my fault that im stuck with a messed up home. and to be honest looked up to him and hoped to move in with him. he had asked to start fresh and it hurt too much, my emotions were messed up and my body, didn't seem like a big deal to him since hes' been with other women before. another friend said he just 'used' me. so i feel depressed. i notice he's avoided some places i tend to go to. but i really hate him in a way for looking down on me and saying 'he didn't mean to be mean' but he already..


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  • He doesn't deserve you. Find somebody better.


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