How long does it take to get used to affection from your boyfriend?

I haven't really dated anyone long enough to kiss them more than a few times. I've been dating this guy that I really like for about 4 months. We started by taking things really slow so we didn't kiss until our 8th date. We're both kind of shy.

Anyway, over the past few weeks he's started holding my hand. And once when we were in the car at a stop light he kissed me randomly. And usually we don't even kiss when he drops me of at my house, but the other night he kept hugging me and kissing me and holding my hands for a little while before I went inside.

I really like him, but I feel weird doing this stuff. I feel awkward and nervous and can't really enjoy it because of that. Am I just not used to it? We don't get to see each other very often so I feel like every time he kisses me it's new and it makes me incredibly nervous. I'm afraid since we don't see each other very often I'm never going to get used to it and it's always going to make me feel weird.

Can anyone give me advice? I'm pretty new to this and I'm really really shy.


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  • 8th date first kiss. That's a long time? Everyone's different I suppose. Do you ever imagine wanting to kiss him?

    • I do actually. But when he actually does kiss me I get really nervous.

    • Any reasons or thoughts as to why you get nervous?

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