I Screwed Up... When Should I Contact Her Again?

had been dating a girl for a little over a month. First few dates were great. We got along,
laughed, and had a lot in common. I really liked her and she dug me. The last two dates we made out. First time was a little casual. I teased/played with her. She was laughing and all smiles. The next time was really hot. I asked her if she was ready for sex. She said she wasn't and i was cool with it. I told her i would respect that. Although.. she was all over me. We were supposed to go to a concert two days later.
She sent me a text that morning and said she wasn't going and that she wasn't ready for a relationship. She said she thought she was ready and that I was awesome but couldn't handle anything. I asked her if anything was bugging her. She said no and that she didn't want to waste my time. I said alright thats fine. She then said I'm sorry.. I'm just scared. I questioned. She said I don't feel like I'm on your level yet. I questioned. She said she doesn't feel like she knows me well enough to like me as much as i seem to like her. I said i understood and that it takes time and trust. I told her it was ok. She said she was sorry but glad I understood. It's been 5 days and nothing. I thought well.. balls in her court. The more I think about it.. she may have felt pressured and I scared her. The fact that i didn't really like i wanted to talk may have turned her off. I care about her. She hasn't deleted me in Facebook. I want to clear things up and give her an opportunity to know me. Should I contact her soon.. wait a few weeks.. or leave the ball in her court?


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  • I'd reach out to her sooner than later, just to clear the air.


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