How can I approach this girl to say hi without freaking her out?

I go to my local mall and there's girls that work there. One girl has caught my eye and I think I have caught hers. She gave me a big wide smile when she saw me the other day she also knows I check her out but seems fine with it.
She works in a store so interrupting her with work is out of the question. What's the best way to say hi and talk to her? Also, what's a good way to not come across as needy and creepy?
I smile when I see her coz I thinks she's cute but I don't wanna creep her out with it


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  • People who work in retail are supposed to smile at people to lure them into the store to buy things. I doubt its anything about being interested in you.

    • Damn thats harsh but. soo true. hahaha

    • Context update: this was outside her shop. But thanks for your honesty

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