Why did it flip all of a sudden? Does this mean he's not interested?

At the beginning he got my number and he told my friend he was interested and texted me first. He then asked me out on a date and was very persistent. He told me he had a lot of fun with me. He then asked me out again and he would always text me first. But this was over the break when I was home and we were close by. We would talk a lot. But now I'm back at school and I have been always texting him first. I don't get him, is he just not interested anymore? He always replies really fast to me and keeps the conversation going. I want to hangout with him again but I don't want to sound clingy or/ annoying... What is he thinking? Is it the distance maybe? should I continue to try?


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  • I'm a little confused. What is making you think that he's not interested? Is it just the fact that now you're texting him first instead of the other way around?

    • Before we would both text first and talk a lot but now, I feel I'm the only one reaching out and trying to talk to him

    • In this case, there's two things that you can do. One, you can either just wait for him to come to you and text you first. Or, you can just ask him about it (this is the best option). Just say something like "hey, I've noticed that I'm always the one to start a conversation. Is something up or am I just imagining it?" Or something like that. Just make sure that it's been a significant amount of conversations that you've started first, and not just a few. Best way to solve this problem and ease your mind is just to let him know how you're feeling and ask him if everything's okay. Or, like I said, you could just not text him first and wait until he comes to you. Good luck!

  • He is busy and replies when he can.

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