Girlfriend busy studying, what can I do?

Girlfriend of 5 months is busy studying for exams papers etc. Yes it's that time of year! We rarely text now. Even when I do initiate the text, I only get very short responses and the conversation immediately dies. I've also asked her our on little study breaks, whether it's just coffee or dinner or whatever, but so far she's turned almost all of them down saying because she "has too much work." It's not like I don't understand her, especially since I was just like her when I was still in college. But I've still managed to make some time to at least have a text conversation with my girlfriend. It doesn't take that much effort right?

People say I should back off and wait for her to come back, but I'm not sure how long that will take. Plus I'm even starting to wonder if that's ever going to happen. I'm also not sure if she's losing interest in me as well. What can I do? Any insights?

Also Valentine's is coming up... not sure how to handle that with the current situation :(
by the way she's premed, if that helps


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  • Listen to this pal, because you won't get any more truth from anyone on this site.

    My GF is exactly like yours, and is going through the same stress as she is now. We barely get to speak to each other, and we barely get to see eachother because she is so stressed about her work.

    Right now, you're not a priority. But that doesn't mean she's losing interest at all, she just wants to succeed in her exams - that's it.

    I would do what I did and just back off and give her space. When she realises that you're not contacting her, she'll contact you.

    So please give her space, and don't worry about Valentine's say, you'll have plenty of those with her in the future.

    • Thanks! Just curious, how long did you wait for her to contact you again?

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    • Right, that's good, so just cut contact with her until she contacts you.

      Another thing, you shouldn't really use texting as a means of communication. Texting should be to set up meetings and dates.

    • Alright. I'll wait for her. Thanks. Good luck to you too lol

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  • Don't think she is losing interest in you, she is just extremely stressed and has a million things to do and talking or texting with you makes her lose focus. Do give her time until she isn't as busy anymore, and she will probably make up for the time you guys lost.

    • Thanks. I'll do that :P

  • Just wait it out and stay supportive. She probably wants to see you more too. Premed is a crazy major. I'm sure she'll be happy to give you a rain check as soon as she can.

  • Nobody is too busy to take time out, even 10 mins to phone if they're happy in the relationship. Just my opinion.


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  • Jus let her b til her exams get over... If she's busy then she's busy... Don't force her... The more u try the worse u make it... jus b thr to support her that's all she needs ri8 now... And don't worry about Valentine's day... Itz comes every yr (PS:I personally hate the idea of Valentine's day.. Move when do people need a particular day to celebrate) their love? Love is eternal... Anyway this is my opinion)... B patient and u shall be rewarded... Don't make any hasty decision now

    • Yeah, agreed. Don't be clingy and/or desperate OP.

    • I agree Vday makes things more stressful than it needs to be haha. I'll wait then