What is the most romantic thing I could do for valentines day?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a little over 4 months. I have a few ideas for what her and I could do for Valentine's Day.

What are some of the most romantic things you can think of? How much should I spend, how much is too much?



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  • For me, it isn't about the money, it's about the thought behind it. Say that you both enjoy swimming and working out and you take her to the gym, then go swimming and then curl up in the sofa and watch a movie together. I would think that would be a nice way to spend the day.
    Just do something that you know she likes.

    • That's right and if you say you don't know what she likes after 4 months, well then I'd say it's high time to start learning instead of going out to do something cool her some food could even be jalepeƱo poppers super easy to make Google it and play a million questions if your over 21 play a million questions on Skype with shots... Or in person I personally prefer not to make bad decisions with people I don't know, but you know ya live ya learn!!!

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  • Take her on a cruise and wine and dine her

    • Hah nice 18-24 year old here... Oh wait are you a trust fund baby... Because if you are you should be asking your valet then!!! They're supposed to know these things!!!