Why has my ex boyfriend all of a sudden stopped replying to my texts on facebook?

We broke up a long time ago, I just need some help because I keep asking my friends and they are getting annoyed, I inboxed him on Facebook and it went really well he was happy to hear from me and was really nice to me and made a lot of effort like sending big paragraphs and talked to me a lot and replied really quick. I sent him a message two days ago saying you okayy? And he read it and ignored it, the next day I sent one saying what's up with you how come you ignored me? And he didn't read the message so I left it, he works away so yes he could be busy but he was talking to me while he was at work :( Im confused I don't know what to think, have I done something wrong, is he playing games, does he just hate me?


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  • Sounds like you're over thinking this, girl. Men are fairly simple in my opinion, so if he's not replying, maybe he just doesn't want to answer that question right now.