How long do guys stay mad?

I hooked up with a guy and got really clingy afterwards he told me he' likes me and I like him to but we don't want a relationship. I bitch at him about the same thing and kept apologizing and he got really annoyed and deleted me from all social networks. He still answers my calls and text but I no longer call him or text him since he's obviously upset how do i fix I'm giving him space but how long do guys stay mad and is there anything I can do that could make up for this?


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  • If he went through the trouble of deleting you off of everything. I think it's a clear sign for you to move on.
    How clingy did you get for him to do this?


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  • Depends on the guy. Lmao my dad still secretly holds a grudge for something my mom did 30years ago. They're still together, but that right there says he gives zero f*cks. If someone goes through the motions of deleting you from social networks and never makes and effort to contact you first then they don't care and you'd be beating a dead horse. You should just move on and keep talking to other people.

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