Asking her out for Valentines day?

Hey guys and girls. So I just moved to a new country for school and today I met who might just be one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my life... absolutely stunning. She's also super friendy and smart as hell, basically wayy out of my league lol. I haven't had butterflys over a girl for years, so I'm overthinking this like crazy and don't want to mess it up. My roommate and I had an hour lunch with her and her other like 5-7 female friends and it seemed to go well. While heading back to class I asked for all of their fb profiles (would have been odd if I just took hers). I also messaged her today some random bs and she replied but it took her like 30m-1h to do so for each one (I took my time too). So here's my plan and please give me feedback, I really really really like this girl!

1) Don't reply back to her last message since she doesn't seem too eager to reply and I don't want to come off as desperate even though I obviously am haha.

2) next time I see her ask her what's a good spot to take someone for Valentine's day (she knows I just moved) because I have someone in mind. Let her finish. Ask her what she'll be doing, if nothing, ask her out.

Also I fb stalked her lol and I only saw like 2 pics with guys in it and that was a group setting. Plus I've never seen her talk with another guy so I think she's shy around guys, she just sticks to her girl group.

I hate it when this happens to me and my brain goes all derp.


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  • Tell her let's eat somewhere make it look casual

  • "basically wayy out of my league lol." --- All I heard was "basically I'm a big fat pussy"

    Your plan sounds terrible. Just act fucking normal. It sounds like you're messaging over Facebook. Get her number instead. You probably should have asked her in person. If she's not replying for a long time you're not keeping the conversation interesting. #2 sounds corny as hell. "Hey! What's a good place to take someone on a Valentine's day date? Oh hey by the way, let's go on a Valentine's day date to the exact place you just told me! That was my plan all along!" Really smooth Casanova..

    • I'd love to see how well you would be able to handle talking to a girl that looks just as hot as any victoria secret model, so please that giant pussy is completely unnecessary. I have no problem talking to just about any girl out there, I'm allowed to have butterflies once in like 3 years. I have no clue if she has a bf, that's why I want to ask her out that way and I legit don't know a good place to take a date here lol. Also, I could have easily gotten her number, I just prefered fb so I could check her profile to see if she has a bf. Yea, maybe the messages weren't super engaging but she seems shy and she always answered the moment she saw them. You're the worst wingman. And I did ask for her fb profile in person, I thought that was clear.

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    • Interesting? Lol, not sure about that. Have you even attempted to ask things about her?

    • Yea, all my other messages where about her lol.