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Alright, so I took this girl out on the fourth date. Went to a nice small Italian spot not overly priced but it was up there. Anyway we each ordered a glass of wine. Half way through the meal. She finished hers, and she took the liberty of ordering another glass with out any hesitation. Now ladies, is it just me or what is that gives you the right to think you can just order another glass of wine? Now I know that some ladies use guys for drinks and dinner all the time but we've definitely been intimate on plenty of occasions. Anyway! Now I mind you that we didn't even split the bill at the end of dinner. She didn't even offer. Now I'm old school to a certain extent but in this day and age where women are making more than men in many cases. Why can't we split the bill on a 3rd or 4th date? I want to know!!! Dinners ain't cheap these days. So ladies when is it the appropriate time to start splitting the bill?

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  • I would prefer to split the bill every time. It's not polite to assume just one person will pay the bill. Although in this day and age, I don't think it's fair that people assume the bill should be split. When people assume they make an @$$ out of themselves and the other person. Why can't this conversation be had ahead of time, even if it's a little uncomfortable?

    • I agree it should be had earlier but we know things don't work like that. I would have to be the one to bring it up. I know she would not. But I mean then again why can't she just offer then I'll judge it from there.

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    • Yeah thanks sure will do.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • It's approriate to slpit the bill even on the second date but typically should always either the opposite person who hasn't been paying to pay up or offer (at least) or split the bill. I think it's should be who ever ask on the first date pay, second day the other person should offer third day other person pay or split.

    • Yeah, makes sense. She didn't even offer.

    • Yes she has zero etiquette, I would have waited to see if she attempts to pull out her wallet. People have budgets and bills. I think if you like her don't just move on, but explain it to her, if she's a keeper she'll understand if she's an ass let her kick rocks to the next guy she wants to take advantage of.

    • I did actually wait for a couple minutes before pulling out my wallet. As soon as I knew she wasn't going to pull out her wallet or ask in my mind I was like, "Fuck it I'll just pay for it!"
      I don't know I just hope she's not one of these girls to where nothing ever good enough. Cause I'll leave I don't need that.

  • Wow haha! That's actually so rude!
    I mean if you were splitting it or paying for what you each had, then sure order whatever the hell you want.

    She didn't even attempt to offer?
    Take her to a hot dog stall next time !

  • from reading your story, i would say she is being rude, but she might not notice it, you need to talk to her.

    she might have been taken care of her entire life, and not realize that it is appropriate to pick up the check half the time.

    A lot of this depends on circumstances, for example, my ex, when we went out to eat, he would refuse to let me get the check, but he would let me tip, especially since i am a generous tipper, and he is not, but the mindset he has, he is the protector, and provides the money, and she is the one he takes care of, and he loves to "spoil" his lady, it actually got on my nerves which is part of why he is my ex, but his love language is gifts, which means that when he wanted to show me he cared, he liked to go out and do something, or get me something, which isn't always a bad thing. anyway, basically i am saying that different people have different ways of looking at things

    • I think that might be it, she has had most things given to her from life. It does seen like she doesn't notice but I could feel it being a little awkward when I was waiting to see what she was gonna do. But yeah I need to talk to her about it. But I might wait until the next time that I might take her out. Maybe...

  • I pay for me, he pays for him, I can drink whatever I deem fit and everyone is happy.

    • See now that sounds reasonable. Why can't more women have that mindset?

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    • I don't know why it's so common. It's kind of aggravating. I think this is why men aren't really dating or considering relationships anymore. There's too much BS and work. It shouldn't have to be this hard if you know what I mean.

    • I agree with you. If two people like each other, just be with each other without the pressure and commands and things one "should do".

  • I think it's rude to always expect someone to pay for you. I think girls who never offer are just taking advantage of the guy. But if she seems really sweet, I'd give it a couple more times at least.

    • Yeah I mean I like spending time with her and I was the one that asked her to dinner but I mean I don't see why that should matter. She's cool as hell but, I kind of get the vibe she is using me. Next time though I'm gonna make it awkward though and ask her to split the bill. Because I'm definitely not made of money.

    • I'd definitely make it awkward after that many times of her expecting you to pay.

  • I feel like the guy should usually pay- especially in the beginning of a relationship. However a woman should always offer to pay. I know for me though, when I go out and I'm not paying I will try and get the cheapest things on the menu. So in the end though I can see why you'd be upset.


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