Did I scare him off?

This guy asked me out and we ended up kissing for awhile. Then a mutual "friend" told him it was my first kiss(which I don't think I told her that, but it's true so I didn't refute it). We were hanging out again and he didn't kiss me, we didn't even hold hands. He wanted to know if I wanted to talk about it, which was really sweet, but I didn't know what to say...Is he not interested in me anymore? He said that he still wants to hang out...I'm so confused.

Ok, now we haven't really talked since then (like 4/5 days ago). Should I text him? Will I seem too pushy? Does he still like me? Did he ever like me? Was he just trying to use me (he asked me if I wanted to go further than kissing but I said no).thx


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  • > He said that he still wants to hang out.

    Believe it.

    He's respectful of you. That's good. He's not using you. That's good, too.

    He communicates well. Yet another good point.

    He's a keeper!



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  • If he believes your mutual friend in regards to a lack of experience, he might be trying to take things slowly for your sake.

    • Try texting see if he responds. He might be looking for someone more "experienced" or he might just be giving you space. If he was only interested in getting in your pants he'll blow you off when you try to speak to him.

    • I have texted him, and he won't blow me off, but it's just weird, he's not like trying to keep the conversation going as much it seems. He like invited me to go to the gym with him the other day, but I was in class, and then he said I could eat lunch with him if I wanted to (but then I couldn't find where he was sitting) so those little things are happening, but he isn't like asking me out again, which is what I want cause I wanna talk to him about what is going on. So this might be my fault.

    • Well he's not blowing you off so maybe it's all just bad timing. Heck it's 2009, ask HIM out if you really want to get a chance to talk about it.

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