Can looks compensate for horrible approach skills?

You know when it comes to dating, I like to wait for girls to make the first move in flirting. Initially, looks can matter a lot because if a girl flirts with a guy first, the guy can flirt back easier because he's confident that she might like him.

If a guy makes the first move in flirting and screws up, it's considered creepy.

So I think guys who suck at flirting should try working out a little/better clothes. That way a girl who finds him attractive will make the first move, and so on.

Here's a parallel: In most democratic armies, you must tell if the guy in front of you is an enemy soldier, not a civilian. Because shooting without identifying can cost an innocent life. Same with girls, NEVER ask out until you're almost certain she likes you.


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  • Looks can compensate almost ANYTHING, pal! Initially, at least.

    I'm in an unfortunate position, because I can't, for the life of me, approach women (due to a morbid fear of rejection) and I'm way below average in the looks department too (I suppose).

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