Any experience on dating an Asian guy?

So yeah.. I'm pretty much crushing on this Korean guy that is an exchange student at my university. We do have quite a language barrier but in a way I find it cute. We met for the first time at a hang out spot at our uni and I had a bit too much to drink so I asked him for his number ^_^ And he gave it to me. I didn't expect him to reply but then the next day he messaged me :))))

He told me that I'm a very kind person and has asked me out to dinner. I can't believe it.. I'm over the moon but I'm not sure what to expect. The culture differences is something I'm kinda worried about but I'm not going to jump to conclusions.

Basically I just want to know from someone who has experience with dating an Asian guy or is an Asian himself on what to expect. Are they that much different? Will he like me despite my European heritage? Is there hope?



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  • I am an Asian myself who grew up in Europe , and part of my family is of English heritage (uncle married a British girl). My British aunt chose my Chinese uncle because of his Confucian values (we are faithful to our spouses as partners for life) and we respect each others families for who we are. I am happy to say we don't smoke or gamble in my family! And there has between us all, never been a single divorce between us (which is a rarity these days).

    I think guys like us do have a soft spot also for European women - if we ever manage to get on that is. I mean in Asia, there are plenty of Asian girls going out with European/American men, some of whom are married (like some friends I know). There are some I have seen who are Asian guys with European girls, but they are few and far between. Maybe because of the stereotypical perception that us Asian men are somehow 'weak-looking' or 'weak-willed' thus is not attractive like the typical American or European guy? That's the common misperception. We are more brains (and heart) than brawn. Luckily I've had my share of European women trying to get on with me. How does a full-bodied, beautiful and young Russian brunette sound to you? Amazingly I got hit by one exactly like her not long ago…so there's hope for us all! ;D

    I would say if your Korean friend called you up, there's a good chance that he may like you (and want to go out with you). In that case just talk to him and see how it goes. He might be a little shy at first (if he is not the talkative type), but if you find he starts to smile at you a lot as he talks; talks a lot; maybe gets a little animated; embarrassed or you both seem to hit things 'right off the bat' you'll know he is into you…
    Hope that helps!


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  • he just had to be Korean. well from what I heard culture and tradition are the biggest barriers that will come between you and you said he is a FES so he's going to be tightly wound with his own shit. is there hope? yeah I guess. its not impossible. I bet you anything his parents will give him shit for not dating a Korean girl though.

    • mine did. now moms fine with white girls aha

    • @I_M_LEGEND you must have the cool parents then! hahaa. all the Asian people I know they're parents are like deadest on tradition and marrying in the same circle makes all that so much easier.

    • yah my parents are cooler than other Asian parents... my mom was cool with my earing and dyed hair when i was a teeanger while other parents were strict about it lol

      yah our parents just think Asian girls would treat us best and stay loyal. eastern people do think American white girls will divorce you over nothing. this is the stereotype... i haven't even dated a korean girl long term. i m currently talking to a Spanish chick...

  • Koreans like Europeans in my experience. Be curious of his culture and ask him stuff.

    You get about +10 points if you know how to play Starcraft (video game) (I'm dead serious now, it's their national game or so :D)

  • i m korean Canadian born in korea who immigrated to Canada at 8 and grew up here.

    i know both cultures and can speak, read, and write as well. ask me anything=)

    oh and i date interracially if that helps.

    • Are your parents OK with you dating interracially?

    • yes. i m currently talking to a mexican girl... I've also dated white girls... my mom is fine with it although she thinks an Asian girl would treat me the best and stay loyal. she never wanted this but I've been working on it for a few years and she finally accepted it lol

      earopeans have a much better reputation with Asians lol culture seems to ground people...

      the thing is, lots of Asians think white girls will leave you and divorce you very easily... koreans get soft if you show them respect and kindness... show this if you ever meet his parents.

      you're also pretty so itll help. trust me

    • Yes Europeans has leave better impression to Asians

  • I am Asian too , but I'm hong kong 😂😂😰


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  • I'm white, more specifically I'm first generation English in the states, I was raised with British customs and traditions. My boyfriend is first generation Philipino, and the differences in our cultures have definitely taught us both a lot. His family cooks different foods, celebrates holidays and birthdays differently, they greet each other differently, but all of it has opened a door for me. I'm learning a lot about the cultures and customs of his family and other families from the Philippines. It's been great even though it's very different.

    It may be a little different for you because is he from Korea, but all I can tell you is that it will simply be a learning experience, and more than likely, nothing bad will come of it. You'll take away a valuable knowledge of Korean culture, and the peaceful blend of two different cultures coming together is quite beautiful.

    Best of luck! Enjoy your cute Asian guy!:)

    • agreed with you. its because he is straight from korea that it might be an issue.

    • I mean she simply has a crush on the guy, I don't see the harm in dating him.

    • oh i m all for her to date him and give it her best shot!

  • My boyfriend is mostly East Asian (quarter spanish) and Im South Asian. I've even met his mum who is totally fine with it

  • One thing you should know is that he may ONLY like you for bring pretty and being of European decent. It's pretty common over in East Asian countries to see Euro-American women as "a prize to be won". This was my experience. I got involved with two Japanese men whose main interested in me was the fact that I was at least decent looking, of European decent (they thought I was white but I'm actually Latina) and I showed interest in them. One of the men was pretty controlling in our relationship. I was 18 and he was 22 and he would try to keep tabs on what I ate throughout the day, tell me not to talk to other men, etc. I think this may have been because in their country inferior/submissive and MUST be taken control by men. Also I was expected to be as feminine as possible. They would tell me to wear more skirts, dresses, makeup, to grow my hair longer. Once I didn't do a good job of shaving my armpits and there was a tiny bit of hair left and he got mad and told me I was disgusting. One of the men also wouldn't kiss me, hug me or hold my hand in public. They would also tell me I was fat if I wore certain clothes. These men were in the US for less than 10 years and they both dumped me after having sex with me. Before I dated these guys I had a fascination with Asian men because of Kpop and Jrock but now that I went through that I don't have any interest in dating another.

    • wow that is shitty

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    • Yea, I've never felt so shitty about myself until I dated those two guys. Maybe they treated me bad because I wasn't skinny, white and blonde like the asker. No offense to her, I think that's just the look most Asian guys (who are interested in dating interracially) are the most fond of. The whiter the better, I suppose.

    • @IAMLegend thanks for the info.