Do I give her space or call her?

Almost a story like the notebook. Parents and circumstances won't let us be together we waited a year and finally had plans to move out. She got cold feet and I think her parents convinced herm her parents said they would never talk to her again if she chooses me.

She broke things off over the phone and it was so stonecold it didn't sound like her at all. She called me the next day balling and crying say she made A mistake and was lying. Couldn't really comprehend she was so hysterical wasn't making sense. It's been two days now and she hasn't called back. I love this girl so much I don't know what to do.

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I told her to go out and meet other guys and she will do anything I say. she said over the phone she wants me asking if we can still make it work.
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  • ... She got cold feet and I think her parents convinced her...
    You have your answer right here, dear, and no matter what she says today and Tomorrow It's--------Two days now and she hasn't called me back-----it's because she is Choosing Them over you and with every move she makes and doesn't make, this is the full circle she will be in and 'Chooses' to be in.
    She may have feelings for you, may say one thing today and tomorrow it is something sporadic, because as long as it's blood, it's mom and dad, you will always be second fiddle, second choice and not First 'Choice' on the top of her list... she will put you on her pay no mind list because she is confused.
    You can choose to hang in there and fight for her or make up your mind one day that it's a losing battle because the 'Blood on your own hands' is Not theirs... you are a stranger looking in from the outside and she will always pick her parents over you and just anyone until they give their own Green light "It's right."
    It's been 'Parents and circumstances' from the very beginning of your beguine and I see nothing but a War of the Roses, down a beaten path from here on in. Unless she grows up and takes hold of her own life, no one can ever take a 'Hold' of hers.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Awww my heart! ❤️❤️😍😍😍

    Be like 'Baby, meet me at...'
    Then sit and talk everything through. Awww!

  • Girls like to be chased, feel wanted. Drama queens. Go after her if you really need her


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  • Look man, for any woman to be torn between you and her parents is one of the hardest circumstances in the history of dating. Imagine it: she might not EVER get to see her parents again or talk to them again because of how she feels for you. That's a lot of pressure on your shoulders! ... and what it means is that if she chooses you and your relationship doesn't last or work out, she may be left with NO ONE to turn back to. If you pressure her into being with you you had better be cold, hard serious about the girl because you will be all she has. You had better plan on marrying her (or at least being at her side) and supporting her in all her needs for the rest of her life! If there was an inheritance from her family in any way she may lose it. You have a lot to consider and examine: for example: what are your motives?, what are her parents like?, etc. If I were in your shoes I would tell her how I really feel and explain to her that I don't want to separate her from her parents because it'll be hard and I love her! She'll be the one who'll have to make the hard decision, as it should only be hers to make. Whatever you do, don't play around with her or the consequences could easily be devastating! You had better mean business if you choose to help her decide to stick with you and abandon her parents.

    • I told her I'm just taking it one step at a time And I'm not trying to get married right now. I said I would pay for her school and education and would never betray her. I would do everything in my power to make it work. I should of told her marriage is the goal but I didn't. It would be foolish for us to rush into that right now.

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    • Oh and I cannot tell you what is wrong or right here I'm not you and don't know very much about this personal set of circumstances. Just know this, we don't just rely on our parents for financial support. They are our emotional support which we fall back on to in times of need and the constant somebody who is there; so you are wrong if you think simply providing her with a financial means to stand on her own is going to be enough if you go your separate ways. We as humans need love and support to grow and survive, so if you left her, even with a way to support herself and went your separate ways, it wouldn't be enough.

    • I am just stating my opinion here, man and trying to help by offering some insightful advice. I cannot provide you with the answers you need you and her will have to determine them on your own. My only objective here was to help you think your way through it and to get you thinking clearly about. I hope I helped in that endeavor, at least some!