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We moved so I'm having to go back to my old school next year. There's this cute guy there and I always get nervous around him. I went to that school K-4th grade and went to other schools 5th-7th grade and I'm going back next year which will be my 8th grade year. We see each other a lot but when I went there we never talked but we did look at each other a lot. For example: we always have to stand next to each other at the award programs (our last names both start with b) Me and him always get A/B honor roll. we are next to each other but never talk? But we do see each other way more than that though. How can I not be nervous around him? How can I get him to talk to me? Should I talk to him 1st? How can I get him to like me? I don't know if he does... I want to be his GF (he's single) or at least be friends with him but I'm too nervous to even talk to him! Help guys please? Need advice on basically everything. Thanks!!!


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  • Just try and keep calm and remember that he's as afraid of you as you are of him. But yeah you should just say "hi, how's life?" That is about as simple as you can get. And it could start a conversation or at least break the ice. If you both answere each other and it goes quiet again, you could also say "whatcha been up to?". That will really get it goin because he'll get on a topic and you can just comment on it

    • Thank you that really helps alot! But he's not afraid of me... he's really outgoing and I'm kinda on the shy side

    • Trust me, he's afraid on the inside

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