Is she still into her ex?

Me and this girl have been seeing each other for a little more than a month. I'm trying to figure out what to do about the situation.. We talk daily and make plans often but her ex that cheated on her still snapchats and texts her.. To me I've had exes that cheated but I cut ties quick and move on.. She says she rarely responds but responding is keeping touch sorta.. She's a cool girl and I can see it going somewhere but I don't know if I should cut ties and dodge feelings or give her the benefit of a doubt... We haven't really discussed about our relationship status but I plan on bringing it up this weekend when we go out of town.. Any advice would be nice cause Im not sure if it's bc of my previous experiences that make me want to throw up the deuces and walk away or me just being paranoid

It's been about a year since they broke up.. Sorry forgot to mention that


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  • She could be trying to keep things decent between them since she's a cool girl. The best you can do is stick it out with her, she might residual feelings for him but she's investing time into you. Or you can always ask her about it.

    • I should have mentioned its been about a year since they broke up.. I would ask her but it's a question that most girls lie about and I'd like to keep it cool between us but at the same time I don't won't one if us pissed or hurt

    • A year is a long time to be hung up over an ex, it seems less likely that she's still into him. You can ask her if she's interested in anyone else, don't mention the ex. Express your concern, tell her you don't want to invest so much in a relationship that might end badly for the both of you.

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  • She wouldn't respond to an ex if she didn't still have feelings for him.
    I'd leave her alone tbh. Why interfere with their relationship.


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  • I don't get it either man, girls are always like this. I always cut my ties too. I've dealt with girls still talking to their exes and trust me its no good. Everything she does with you, will be talked about with her ex.. which in turn allows the ex to alter her view of you. Never again am I going through that