Bad first date with a guy?

so i met this guy online, we talked on and off for about 3 months before actually meeting in person. but the date was kind of awkward. we have a lot of stuff in common but i felt extremely nervous the entire time and didn't really act like my usual self. also, we saw a movie so half the time, we weren't really talking. i want to see if a second date will create chemistry but i think he isn't interested anymore. he said he would text me, but he never did. should i just forget about him? or text him and hang out again?


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  • When did you have the date? Maybe he's just waiting to text you, to not appear clingy.
    Wait a couple of days, if he doesn't text, then forget about him.

    • it was yesterday. but he usually texts me every day. I don't know i just feel like i kind of blew it :/

    • Don't over-think, calm down, he maybe doesn't wanna text you today because he may think you may see him as clingy, or may get annoyed by it since you saw him yesterday.
      Like I said, give him two days, if by Saturday he hasn't texted you, forget about him.

  • I'd text him and see what he says. It's also normal to be nervous for a first date

    • yeah turns out he wasn't interested ;/ i tried texting him but he never responded sigh.

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