How fast is too fast in a new relationship? Are we going way too fast and getting too excited?

This guy, I actually went to college with him. We have reconnecte but I definitely feel the time between us so it's still new.

We are just so in tune with one another and have all these plans right off the bat. It's crazy.

I just worry this is moving too fast? To already have all these ideas going? I mean one after the other. Stuff we both enjoy and want to do together seems endless. But there could be an end... I worry we are blasting through. Or that we are only just scratching the surface?

I know I've heard stories of relationships where you go so hot and heavy at first and then it dies. I don't want that to happen.


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  • The hottest flames die the fastest,

    Or so they say.


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  • I love being in lust!

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