Do you see it as a red flag if a guy tries to hook up with you after hooking up with your mate, behind their back?

Would you see it as a red flag in your future relationship if a guy had hooked up with your friend early on behind their back (the friend knowing they still have feelings for them) with you. Enough to upset this friend to end the friendship with both of you?


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    No. Guys who hook up with two friends are always a catch. You should totally get with him, he's a keeper!

    • Oh they just are, aren't they. 😆.

      No this is not me, my ex friend thinks he is though.

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    • Yeah actually relieved I don't have to deal with her shit anymore that can be his problem now.

      Oh I am so hoping they both do. Fingers crossed. But know I will be the one who has the last laugh and get past it for the better in the log run.

    • She reckons she is in love with him last time we spoke. 3 weeks after he and I had a thing. Crazy. I had strong feelings but for someone in that situation is crazy.

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  • It's a green flag for go get em tiger!
    He's a keeper :)


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  • Yeah, he's a dishonest douchbag! You don't want to date that guy.

    • No. But my ex friend is lol. I was on the other end of it. Still amazed she would stoop so low and is willing to lose a friendship over men.

    • That's her problem.

    • Not mine any more. It's crazy to think 3 weeks after he and I hooked up she claims to be in love with him so they must have not long after. After knowing I had strong feelings for him.

      They both were.

      Least I don't have to deal with her dramas anymore. Her playing the victim that is what sucked him in in the first place.