Girls, how do you like a guy to start date with you?

Just like the title, how do you like a guy to start it?
Can you specify some ways? Such as go to skating?


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  • Depends how long you've been dating. But for the first time, I think it would be best to do fun active things to kind of break the ice without having to pressure one another to have some kind of one-on-one talk. So skating sounds great :) movies are eh, because you dont really talk. Amusement parks sound awesome too.

    • Yes, I mean first-time dating with a girl. For a college student who does not have and lives in a quite remote college in the US, which means have few choices to hang out, do you have some ideas?

    • I dont have much places in mind but bowling sounds good:)

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  • Hmmm whatever he wants. Baseball game... Movies... Skating.. Party... All good to me.

  • a lot of girls are shy with guys at the beginning, so especially if you don't know her well, something like skating would be good. That way you still can talk, but it isn't awkward if there is nothing to say, because there is something else to do.

    • Thank you for your advice! But I am a college student who lives in a very remote and have no car, while nearest town (even not city) is 40 minutes of car drive, do you have some ideas to solve such dilemma?

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