First date and then?

I met this guy from online for more than a month. But we only really met each other earlier this week. He seems funny. We had a drink, followed by a dinner. Then he asked me whether I wanted to have another drink, I said no.

From then on he texted me every day. He asked me for a drink today. I couldn't go. Then at night, he kept asking me what rules I had. So I told him there were no rules and I thought he was cute and would like to go out.

He then called me up to chat and stuff.

All seemed sweet and fine. But then my friend said he is probably really good at this and might be only playing in the field...

I don't want to be too cautious and scared him away, and I don't want to get hurt at some point. Any suggestions?


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  • Girl, don't ask for suggestions about your own life, don't act on something you heard from bunch of strangers.
    But I do wanna tell you that there are 40% chances that he is playing you and 60% chances that he is a good guy


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