Should I still wish girl a happy vday even though she's gone silent?

I knew this girl fairly well and talked to her at local pub when I saw her there however in recent weeks she has gone silent and I'm not really sure why , she could be busy with school or upset at me for some reason.

anyways I don't know if I should wish her a happy Valentine's day or not? it just be something minor online if I did say anything to her maybe tweet her or something. but not sure as haven't heard a word from her in weeks


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  • Why not? Tiny gesture, costs you nothing :)


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  • Do it. See how she reacts. If she ignores you, you know whats up. If she doesn't, you'll see where it leads.

    • but part of problem is I don't know what the problem is exactly , it could be minor , more serious , and for all I know she could be in bed with another guy as we speak. but I though she was interested so rather confused

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