How can I get him to hang out with me more?

As much as I like this one guy, and as many signals as he gives me, I still know nothing will ever happen. And I am honestly tired of waiting. And ever since about June, me and this other guy have been talking a lot. Not so much in the beginning, but now we talk pretty much all day everyday. But I still like the first guy, but I am really trying to move on. And I think talking to this other guy helps. I don't like him, but I look forward to when I see him and I want to be around him. And we have talked about him coming over to my house because I have lots of games and hanging out there, without the other two friends that are usually there too. And he didn't seem weirded out or anything. But I also want to hang out with him more, like maybe going to the movies or something like that. But I don't want to ask him. I am pretty certain he likes me, and if I say something I don't want to give him the wrong idea, since I am not sure how I feel yet. So I want him to be like "hey we should go see a movie sometime." because I want us to go as friends. But his best friend who is my best friend's boyfriend told hm I didn't like him (which kind of made me mad, it's not his place). So he knows I don't like him, but I can see myself liking him in the future. But that's why I don't want to bring it up like that, that's why I want him to bring it up. I have hinted about it and we talked about it, but not like actually doing it. It was more like we were talking about how I said I was going to take this one guy up on his offer to take me out so he would pay for my movie, and he said "I think the girl should pay" and I said "remind me never to go anywhere with you then" and he said "nah I would be nice". so we both kind of had the idea but neither one of us came out and said anything.

So I know I didn't need to write all that but I am wondering how can I go about getting him to bring it up?


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  • Tell him the truth. Tell him how you feel about him right up front. See how it would make him feel if he would like to go to see a movie and see if they could possible any connection between you to