Supersitustions of skin shivering/goose bumps?

Supersitustions of skin shivering/goose bumps?


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  • Only get them when I'm cold. Nothig spooky about it


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  • Yes i believe in that stuff , i hear when you get goosebumps
    it means someone stepped over your grave

    • I knew woman got goosebumps she said, oh someone stepped over my grave

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    • The 18th saying derives from an earlier folk
      legend that a sudden cold sensation was caused
      by someone walking over the place that one's grave
      was eventually going to be. This belief is in line with
      the workings of people's minds in England in the Middle
      Ages, in which the distinction between life and death was
      much less clear than we see it now. There was then an
      unambiguous belief in the everyday communication between
      the afterlife in heaven or hell and the physical world of the living.
      When someone dies in our day and age we a likely to hold a
      commemorative gathering where we talk about the deceased
      person. Mediaeval mourners would hold wakes, in which they
      spoke to the deceased, in the belief that their words were being
      heard and understood. A person's final resting place would also
      have been understood to be predetermined and 'someone has
      walked over my grave' would have been said in the belief that a
      real person had actually walked over the ground where the

    • speaker would be interred.

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