Why is this guy acting this way?

A guy came to my place to watch a movie. Last minute he said he can't come was going to take a cab but decided we can cancel. I decided to pick him up since I was in his area. He seemed to dominate talking over me a lot. It was annoying. Or talk too loud. Oh well. He came
Over and seemed ok but when I started trying to watch the movie he kept talking n talking to distract me from the movie. It was draining. Finally when we started watching the movie he just kept silent for like an hour Straight. No conversation nothing. To me that's awkward. Don't people talk somwtimes during the movie? I kept asking him questions to break the ice all he did was sit there and watch the movie. For me it was draining as hell. I don't feel his behavior is normal. Obviously from his attitude he seems misogynistic and wanting to do this to me. All he did was keep grabbing his beer and drinking it and total silence. How should I react to this situation. I keep trying to break the ice but he talks then stays silent. I know some men feel women need to cater to them. I'm beautiful and he shud be grateful I even picked him up he's 30 mins away. Why does he feel he can treat me like shlt

My thoughts are as a guy don't unwant to at least talk to a girl cater to her in some way? I mean total silence. It seems he wants me to cater to him and he seems turned on by not talking to me. Knowing in drained and just sitting there like? Also he talked non stop dominating me before now he's not talking at all
And literally turned on getting off on this. Wtf is going on
I had a feeling he'd be draining I'm a positbe person with positive energy. Many people seek to drain me and I'm very weary of their behavior. He did some weird shlt during dinner but nothing horrid. It's bad now. To a point where I'm asking him to leave it's hard to be around someone like this. I can't imagine a guy just wanting to drain a beautiful positive girl. He has no friends here and this is how he treats a date. Messed up


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  • I don't understand him any more than you do. I can be quiet because I'm afraid of saying something stupid but I always respond to questions and at least try to make a conversation. Also, I have a car. It's a nice one too, AC and everything. I'm surprised you put up with him as long as you did. I would treasure anyone willing to spend that much time with me. Better luck next time, with a better guy hopefully.

    • I don't get why these males literally all they want to do is treat me like crap and bring me down that's it it's like they are jealous of me it's so weird. He was very negative and very weird and then he went silence on purpose now once I called him out on it he try to make excuses for his behavior and I pretty much told him off why do these men treat me like a subhuman when I'm a beautiful woman.

      They also try to make me feel like something is wrong with me when I object to their abuse. I barely even know these males. Why do they have this weird hatred for me
      And feel they can treat me badly like this

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    • I think the more important question is, why would you tolerate a guy that does that? It doesn't really matter why he's like that. Your time is valuable and you should spend it with someone who deserves it, not a whackadoodlenoodle like him.

    • Lol. Nice name. Whackadoodle. I didn't know he was this way and my time isn't that valuable. I did not know he was crazy until the second date

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