Should I have my friend ask him out for me?

Ok so I knew this guy since last year and I was suppose to kiss him but I didn't I wanted to so bad but I wanted to get to know him more before I did cuz I liked him and I still do and he liked me but I don't know if he still has feelings for me cuz he stares at me sometimes and I don't know what he's thinking about is he thinking bout me is he gonna ask me out i really wanna go out with him and he's friends with my friend that's y I'm asking should I have my friend ask him out for me but I'm afraid what he'll say


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  • Just because your not ready for rejection doesn't mean that you should send your friend out to do your dirty work.

    Wait till your ready for a relationship before you go making a fool of yourself.

  • I'm gonna give you a pass cause you're under 18...


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