How do I find a girlfriend without flirting?

I'm a very serious person and I find no fun in flirting/teasing at all. My plan is to befriend a girl I like and after 2 months tell her "Hey I like you. Want to go out?".


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  • ... flirting is kind of extremely important I'm afraid.


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  • Flirting is fun and sends the message that you're interested in her. Sounds like you're not wanting to put effort into a girl and that's very unattractive. How do you intend to keep her interested? There needs to be some sort of romantic spark. I can tell you are a very boring person and I'm sure most girls reading this will agree. It's not a good thing.

    • The way I'd keep her interested is telling random WWII jokes like: "Avoid the bad fish (torpedoes) to stay alive and get home to see the good fish".

      I'm good with jokes, but not teasing. In my family, making a personal joke about somebody will earn you a free bruise. So humor is okay with me, but not aimed at a girl I like because if I come on too strong, she'll get creeped out. That's also a reason. Flirting is playing with fire.

    • And you're wrong by assuming I don't put effort into getting a girl. I put effort into avoiding making a creepy comment. That's why I stay away from flirting. I'm not witty with words so I stick to asking questions and telling World War 2 jokes. Pretty much.

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  • As a very serious and shy person I can tell you flirting helps, I have only felt comfortable flirting with only one girl. I've never flirted with a girlfriend. But once you find someone your truly attracted to (emotionally and physically) flirting won't be a problem. Don't worry:)

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