Knowing your worth? Weeding out the players?

What is knowing your worth? I have seen this dilemma men and women both being "used" by someone else. So what does it take to eliminate the players? You know the ones I am talking about. The ones who will say whatever they need to in order to end up in bed with you. Now supposing I told you there was a way to eliminate those from your life? Truth is, People can only do to you what you allow. They may say one thing, But are they doing another? This is where a good moral compass and moral standards come into play. First, If you are looking for a serious relationship, What traits do you look for and are you willing to make the person of interest demonstrate their qualities, therefore earn the right to continue with you? Do their morals match the same ones YOU proclaim to have? If they initially appear to be on the same page as you are, This is where you put them to the test. Time is your greatest asset here as it will separate the girls from the ladies, the boys from the men. This is what dating is about. Seeing if they make the cut or not. Now first, If you fear losing someone because you want a committment before taking them to bed, and if they confirm your fears, They were only after one thing. A player is not going to wait for you as he / she is only out to get laid. If they do step out on you with someone else, Know your worth, and above all, Know that suck a person failed the test and is most likely, not relationship oriented like you are. So you let them go. That's one player that bit the dust, one less person that could use you. Starting to see how personal standards can keep the wrong ones out of your life? Raise the standard! Raise the bar! Know your worth.


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  • I agree. If u don't settle and hold out for what u want, how can someone play you?

    • Very true. People can either use you, or earn the right to be with you.

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  • AGREED! People can only do to u what u allow them to do!

  • Thanks.. i am new to dating again.. And got "played". Hoping for sex to turn into love. Nope it doesn't. .. He even told me i didn't know my worth... :(

    • Did you read my comment any chance? Very interested to know what anyone thinks.

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  • This should be a "myTake,"

    I think that "If you can't beat 'em, join them" is the right mentality to adopt. You are part of the game whether you like it or not, so you might learn the rules. The first rule is: you need to learn how to separate sex and love. They are not the same thing, if you think they are, ask yourself two simple questions: 1. Can there be sex with no love? Of course there can, players and prostitutes are two obvious examples. 2. Can there be love without sex? People who wait for marriage, many older couples, asexuals. Both of sex and love are supposed to be good things if you don't learn when to mix them and when to keep them separate, bad things can happen.

    When you feel "used," you are just a score in the game. This is because when you don't separate sex and love, you leave yourself open to vulnerabilities. The player knows this, and he knows how to take advantage of it. When you are a player, those vulnerabilities don't exist. NO ONE CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. It is fool proof.

    Now, two players could play each other, but it's better not to clash, seeing as you probably have different goals (you want love, they want sex). They use love (albeit fake love) to find sex, so you will use sex to find love. Sex becomes your weapon, not your weakness. You can use it when you want. Sex should not be something you "withhold" to protect your vulnerabilities, it should be something that you do because you enjoy it, and desire it. By separating sex and love, you take the controller and eliminate your vulnerabilities all together.

    • And it is entirely possible to do this without bad morals and values.

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