If someone told you this, would you assume the person is totally flirting with you or are you clueless?

At work today, I told our Head Chef that he should be in the "hotline more often" as I walked away with a big smile on my face.. (Note that Head Chefs are usually doing managerial work and they make the line cooks do the labor work (cooking) but today, someone was absent so he stayed longer). For those of you who don't know, a hotline, is where the orders are made (commercial kitchen setting)

Anyway, He literally chased me and was constantly asking me "whyyy, you gotta give me a reason."



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  • I take it as she it is. If she give that flirtatious look. I'll pull her to the side and tell her. While I'm on the clock, I can't be doing on this flirting. But if you want we can kick at the bar after we get done. Leave an option over for her to flirt. Not while I'm on the job. If she refuses then I'll just move on.

  • It depends on how he was asking it and his demeanor.

    • Do you work in the restaurant? to make it short what happened was, I just said to the Executive Chef in a subtle flirty way, "You should be in the hotline more often." When I said that I walked away and walked towards me with a surprised impression, "Why? you gotta have a reason." the look on his face was priceless! lol

      I'm curious, if he kinda knows what I am trying to do (flirt)

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    • that's cool that you worked in the restaurant before! :)

    • :) It was a job.

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