Why do I always get hurt?

Why when always Im in a relationship I always get hurt when it starts getting serious I start noticing things and then I found out that she's talking intimately with another guy and so on but I've done nothing but treat these woman well and how I would like to be treated, roses, romance and so forth.

But like now I've been in this relationship now for almost a year we live together she has a son from a previous relationship and so do I, hers lives with us and mine with his mother anyway so we spoke about having a child together and at first I said no because the timing in our lives were not right but eventually I gave in and now since we found out that she is pregnant she has been fighting with me constantly but its more than just the common hormones as I've been through this before also she constantly says Im cheating when Im not but now I've started noticing a lot of things eg. sex nothing, kisses nothing, hugs nothing, affection nothing, sleeping at night opposite ends of the bed just about falling off, on her phone constantly when i ask who she is chatting to? she starts fighting with me and hides who it is and if she isn't doing anything wrong then why hide and its never been a probly before now aswell she hides her body from, started locking the bathroom when showering, has put a password on her phone when i dont even go threw it, been visting friends a lot more doesn't ever ask how i am and how was my day and basically jus showing all the signs of cheating. was does this always happen when i do nothing wrong, always honest and never have i cheated and always open, I always treat them well and even her son i treat him as my own. I dont know what to do?


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  • He may be attracted to you. Interested? Probably just for the sexin'. But I'm only basing this off of a friend I have who would ask girls questions like this. Never saw or heard him ask a girl he actually dated or had a relationship with questions like this.