Are we seeing eachother too much or just right? We just started seeing eachother, is this too much too soon?

We are 30. I saw him Wednesday, now going to tonight. Perhaps tomorrow? Not sure. Known eachother a little over a month and been seeing eachother like once a week.

I want this to work out (he has said this too) but I always have heard if you move too fast it will fizzle. We have a MILLION IDEAS and things to do together. So much in common.


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  • Once a week doesn't seem like a lot. Once a day? Ya, probably.

    • Do you think if we make plans for tomorrow that it's ok? So it would be Wednesday Friday Saturday..

    • Haha just have to ask. I really haven't dated much

    • Seems fine to me, but don't go more than that.

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  • As long as you give each other days "off" so to speak. I just started seeing someone as well about three weeks ago, we see each other about 2 to 3 times a week. I deliberately stay away so he can do his guy things and I don't get bored. Just remember time off is very important; you are still in safe zone at 3 times this week. Next week try for 2?

    • i think that sounds good! Next week probably will be 2 because of the weather... His work schedule was better this week than usual so we saw eachother an extra time. I guess also im so used to my last relationship where we only saw eachother on weekends... Seeing him during the week to was nice

  • Pfft. Don't listen to anyone else. This is your relationship and you two should move however fast or slow you like. The more you see each other the quicker you will get to know each other. I've never been an advocate of this Take things slow approach. Just go with what feels right and ignore all these ridiculous dating rules that are totally made up and in no way tailored to your own relationship.

    Go with the flow!