Am I shooting myself in the foot?

Hey all ,
I've falling on my ass a couple of times with this and was wondering where am going wrong. I've been dating girls (either online or when am out with my friends) , they notice me so we chat and I get their number , we go out for a first date , then text for a week then second date , then text a bit more , then they flake out . Tried taking it easy on the texting , drop one off here and there and also tried to stay in touch almost every day. It seems that I'm missing something , they'll never tell you why they dont wish to keep contact, they just drop off the face of the planet. makes me not want to talk to girls in the first place , coz if the end result is going to be this then why bother in the first place? my traits are tall muscular build funny educated , well rounded and generous.. it seems that this behavior seems prominent in the really good looking ones (yes , all of you reading this are good looking too !)


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  • Is there something that you can think that you may be doing wrong? I mean with online dating I have no idea how that works, but with meeting people with your friends and always happening the same thing, there must be something. But you know, this has happened to me also, guys do this more often than girls I think, I have had guys telling me "I had the most amazing time ever, I can't wait to see you again" and then nothing, no calls, no texts and one even texted me "I had fun but I don't want to see you again" that is sooooo confusing. If you have no idea on what's going on, maybe ask your friends if they think that you are doing something wrong.

    • yeah , I've tried all combos , appearing keen and interested , appearing slightly interested or somewhere in the middle , what I don't get is if they like my appearance which they do , if they don't like my character then why go on a second date? I don't wanna be a player and bang everyone I see , I just want to nail one down that I actually like (those happen to be the attractive ones)

    • Then these girls don't deserve you

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  • You... should not look for the person you like.. it all happens automatically... so no you are not shooting yourself in the foot... but directly in the head! :)

    Hope i helped!

  • Online dating is a strange world... Many are texting multiple people at one time. You have no idea who you are competing with. I've even got to the first date, and get ignored. It's just a numbers game... nothing personal. Keep trying. You can't win, if you don't play...

    • I don't do online dating but I think that what you say is really accurate.

    • yeah , but if it happens 6 times in a row , then sure maybe it's the competition , but there's something else going on. in theory that means that all 6 of em had better suiters than me , that must mean I really rank low on the scale or am doing something consciously or subconsciously that is driving the chicks away.